Shoreline Protection


The Town of North Topsail Beach's Shoreline Protection efforts began significantly in 2002 with a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) issued by the Town Manager. The RFQ requested a feasibility study to “protect the 11.1 mile shoreline from storm and long term erosion, and an inlet management plan of the New River Inlet that will eliminate the inlet related erosion problems.” The RFQ requested options, to include an environmental study for the selected option. The Environmental Impact Statement was completed in 2009 and the Town’s Shoreline Protection Permit was issued thereafter with the selected option:

Inlet Management Plan and Beach/Dune nourishment. This became the Town’s official “Plan of Record.” It said:

  1. The Town would dredge channel at a preferred location (perpendicular to NTB northern shore) to form the ebbtide delta which would offer wave sheltering protection and sand accretion for the north end inlet hazard area.

  2. The dredged sand from the ocean bar (600,000CY) would be piped down the length of the beach in five consecutive annual phases, beginning with Phase 1.

  3. Offshore sand would be used also in phases 2-5, primarily to complete phases 2 and 5.

  4. The beach would be completed, provided funds were sufficient, in five years, with maintenance scheduled every four years from maintenance channel dredges plus offshore sand.


The major original goals of the original plan:

  1. Coastal protection of the Town tax base and infrastructure;

  2. Protect tourist/vacation economy;

  3. Mitigate the impact of accelerated inlet erosion, threatening adjacent property. 

Since the plan was implemented Phase 1 and 5 of the plan have been completed.

  • Phase 1 sand deposition (600,000 CY) was completed in 2013 at a cost of $5,600,000 using a bank loan that was amortized in 2017.  


  • Phase 5 was completed in 2015 (1,300,000 CY) at a cost of $16,800,000 with three payments made on a 30 year USDA loan (3.25% interest with an 11 year pre-payment agreement with the Local government Commission). 1,800 LF at the north end remain to be completed, but 18,520 of the total were constructed.

In December of 2017 the Board of Aldermen received a presentation and report from the Town Manager summarizing the Town's plan, the completed projects, and the lessons learned.  Based on the factual history since the original plan's inception and new information on funding sources and potential partners, the Town Manager recommended that the Town re-write the original plan, and to include a realistic construction plan for the remaining Phases 2-4.

Shoreline Protection Overview

By its nature, beach re-nourishment will always be a Town project. Linked below is a spreadsheet outlining projects for each phase. Please remember that this is an outline of the work planned and steps taken. There are a lot of factors that have to fall into place, among them are weather, approval from state and federal regulatory agencies, financing and availability of contractors. These factors significantly affect our ability to complete any project. If you have any questions, please send an email to the Town Clerk

Spreadsheet here.