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Assign a Local Designee to Check Your Property - The Town makes every effort to provide pre & post storm video footage of as many properties as possible when a storm event occurs.  Should this not be possible, the Town strongly suggests that if you are not a year-round resident, that you designate someone local who would be able to check your property after the storm passes   This person will not be eligible for a re-entry pass solely by being your designee and will only be able to check your property when the general public can re-enter.   

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Re-entry Pass


This policy was put into effect in January 2012. 


If you have not received new passes since January 2020 you should apply for new ones as soon as possible. New property owners and property owners who have not received new passes can fill out this form and mail it in with a self addressed stamped envelope or come to Town Hall.


If a storm is on the way and you are coming to Town Hall to get your pass, please be patient.  Do not go to extra measures to come to get your pass.  If the Town issues an evacuation and limits access, you will be able to get on the island with the documents listed below (see "When Can I Get A Pass?" below).   Passes assist with traffic control and are a help. Please get your pass before hurricane season starts and not at the last minute as Town Staff has other preparations to make and are addressing many inquiries during this time. 


Please read the entire policy below:

Town of North Topsail Beach



Purpose:  The purpose of the “re-entry pass” is to allow property owners and long term renters swift re-entry to the Town of North Topsail Beach after a disaster event so that individuals can check their property and gather belongings, if necessary.  This pass helps limit the number of people in the Town so that public safety personnel can effectively protect property and the public from hazards that may still be present after a disaster and so that the damage assessment team can perform its duties.


When a Pass is Needed:  A re-entry pass may not be needed each time the Town of North Topsail Beach is evacuated.  Emergency responders will assess the conditions of the Town after an event and Town officials will determine when conditions are safe enough for re-entry and if the general public can re-enter or if limited access is warranted (pass only re-entry).  The Town has determined that there are three priority groups that are considered during re-entry, they are:

Priority One Group


Essential personnel for law enforcement, public officials, emergency medical services, fire services, utilities, and damage assessment teams.


Priority Two Group:

(re-entry pass needed if officials determine limited access is warranted)

Property owners, long-term renters, and property managers who are eligible for a re-entry pass.


Priority Three Group:

Visitors and general public (including contractors).

Please bear in mind that several hazards may exist after an event such as downed cable and power lines, dune breaches, and debris, that can make roads within the Town impassable.  It may be necessary to limit access to one end of the Town and not the other.  Curfews are likely to be in place if pass only re-entry is in effect.


Also, the other two towns on Topsail Island (Surf City and Topsail Beach) may choose to allow property owners or the public onto the island before the Town of North Topsail Beach.  The swing bridge can open before the high rise bridge as the high rise bridge could be closed by NCDOT (State Road/bridge) if there are 40-45 mile per hour winds.  The media may confuse North Topsail Beach and Topsail Beach.  The Town recommends that property owners get their information directly from Town officials by checking the Town’s website ( and making sure the Town has your contact information.  Also, if you are not able to make it to North Topsail Beach right away, the Town has started taking post-event video footage which will be posted on the website as a way for out-of-town property owners and other concerned individuals to view conditions of the Town after the event.


How Do I Know?  The Town has several methods of communicating with property owners and the public.  As with the most recent event, the Town communicated with local press via press releases.  The Town also uses a reverse-911 (Connect-CTY) system that sends regular messages via phone, e-mail, and text.  The Town’s website ( is also updated with the press releases and Connect-CTY messages.  If you have not signed up for Connect-CTY, please go to the Town website to sign up or call Town Hall at 910-328-1349 to get connected. 


Who Gets a Pass?  Each property owner with proof of residency (current utility bill with NTB address/tax bill) and picture ID receives TWO re-entry passes.  Each long-term renter with proof of residency (current utility bill with NTB address), current lease, and picture ID will receive TWO re-entry passes.  The passes will be re-issued on a 3 year cycle.  Passes issued in 2019 or prior are no longer valid.  New passes have been issued in 2020 and are valid through 2023. Lost passes can be replaced with proof of residency, ID, and $25 for each pass replaced.   Please place the stickers on your windshield at the bottom on the driver’s side so they are visible to public safety personnel.  If you sell your vehicle, the new stickers are removable and transferable to another vehicle.   Property managers will receive a different type of pass and those will be issued through the Permit Specialist at Town Hall (maximum of 4 per company). 


When Can I Get a Pass?  The Town encourages everyone to get their passes as early as possible, preferably before hurricane season begins (June 1st).  If the storm is on its way, it’s too late to get a pass.  The Town will not issue passes within 72 hours of predicted landfall.  Passes are issued at Town Hall Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.  After an event the Town will either have an inland station set up to issue passes to property owners (with proof of residency and ID) or those documents will be accepted at the barricade.  Please keep in mind that this will slow down the re-entry process and obtaining a re-entry pass before hurricane season begins is highly recommended. 


The Town also accepts requests made through the mail.  Please send a copy of a current utility bill (with NTB address), a signed and notarized Re-Entry Pass Application ( click here ), a self addressed stamped envelope to:  North Topsail Beach Town Hall   Attn: Re-Entry Pass  2008 Loggerhead Court North Topsail Beach, NC  28460.


Post Hurricane Florence Guidance 

*To assist our commercial construction partners in their debris collection, please mark any ocean-side debris with 'Trash' of 'Pick Up' with spray paint so that the debris crews will not remove salvaged wood from decks and stairs that were intended for re-use at the site. 

Hurricane Watch/Warnings

Hurricane Watch
A Hurricane Watch is issued when there is a threat of hurricane conditions within 24 to 36 hours. 

Hurricane Warning
A Hurricane Warning is issued when hurricane conditions (winds of 74 miles per hour or greater or dangerously high water and rough seas) are expected within 24 hours.


Hurricanes are classified in five different categories:

Category 1 - Winds of 74 to 95 miles per hour, accompanied by a 4 to 5 foot storm surge.


Category 2 - Winds of 96 to 110 miles per hour, accompanied by a 6 to 8 foot storm surge.


Category 3 - Winds of 111 to 130 miles per hour, accompanied by a 9 to 12 foot storm surge.


Category 4 - Winds of 131 to 155 miles per hour, accompanied by a 13 to 18 foot storm surge.


Category 5 - Winds over 156 miles per hour, accompanied by a storm surge of 19 feet or higher.

Depending on your proximity to water, you may need to seek shelter or evacuate well in advance of hurricane watches or warnings. Collect your emergency supplies and make your plans before the appearance of dangerous storm conditions. Refer to the checklist for Hurricane Watches and Warnings.

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