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Town of North Topsail Beach

North Carolina
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Know Your Flood Hazard
Insure Your Property
Protect People
Protect Your Property
Build Responsibly
Protect the Floodplain
General Preparedness
Hurricane Preparedness
Avoid Hurricane Damage
Drainage System Maintenan
Flood Map 90 Day Appeal P

Protect your property from the hazard.

  • Determine the floor elevation relative to local flood predictions.
  • Use flood damage-resistant building materials for all construction below the BFE + 2 feet susceptible to flooding.
  • Do not convert the space below BFE + 2 feet to habitable space. Use the space below BFE + 2 feet solely for parking of vehicles, building access, or storage.
  • Protect against high winds by installing storm shutters and reinforcing garage doors.
  • The best way to protect your home is through the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Thousands of homeowners thought it would never happen to them.  Don’t be one of those homeowners.