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Town of North Topsail Beach

North Carolina
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North Topsail Beach Shoreline Protection Project (Phase Five)

Project Description

The Town of North Topsail Beach will begin construction of the Phase 5 Restoration on or near December 1, 2014. The design beach includes a 25 ft wide dune fronted by a 45 ft wide berm. The dune elevation is established at +14 ft NAVD and the berm elevation is +6 NAVD. Sufficient advance nourishment will also be placed to maintain the beach through the design life. The average fill density to complete the project is approximately 75 cubic yards per linear foot (cy/lf) for an estimated total fill volume of 1,500,000 CY. Material is proposed to be dredged from the offshore borrow area located approximately one-half (1/2) to one and one-half (1-1/2) miles offshore at the northern limits of Phase 5.  


Future shoreline maintenance will be required to maintain the beach design on an approximate 5 year interval. Erosion trends calculated between 2005 and 2013 verify approximately 100,000 CY per year will be needed to sustain the 11.1 miles of shoreline in North Topsail Beach. This volume is anticipated to be available through periodic maintenance of New River Inlet.  Maintenance events are currently proposed on a 5 year interval and are expected to provide approximately 500,000 CY for each event. The first maintenance event is anticipated in FY17-18.


In the event of a major storm the Town is taking the necessary steps to remain eligible for federal aid through FEMA’s Public Assistance (PA) Program. The assistance may be provided to replace sediment lost from the beach during a presidentially declared disaster. To maintain the eligibility status the Town must establish and adhere to a maintenance program involving periodic nourishments to preserve the projects original design. The Town has adopted such a program and is moving forward with the implementation.


The Town of North Topsail Beach has had a unique opportunity to move forward with the

construction of the Phase 5 Beach Restoration with the assistance of a Rural Development loan. Completing this shoreline restoration will provide a viable resource for supporting the tourist based economy and mitigating against potential storm damage to the upland infrastructure.

Video & Pictures of the Phase 5 Project

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Video from December 12, 2014 - First sections of dredge pipeline being place on shoreline.

Dredge Pipe at Public Works

Booster Pump Site South of St. Moritz

Placing the first few sections of dredge pipeline - 12/12/2014

Dredge pipeline and offshore barge - 12/12/2014

Barge moving south - by Bev Green - 12/12/2014

One of the rock boxes that was installed at the end of the dredge pipes to prevent the discharge of rocks on the beach for the remaining 2.5 miles of shoreline.

The rock picker being used to pick up rock down to an 18 inch depth.  Moves at about 2 mph and has to make several passes to get all of the rocks up.  This machine will be working on the 1st mile of restored beach until approximately mid-April to get all of the unsuitable rocks off of the beach.  More info in Agenda 5 link above.

Area of shoreline where the rock picker has been used.

Sand ramp near Myrtle Drive.  Myrtle Drive is not in the current construction area and this is what the dredge pipe looks like along a majority of the beach strand.

Sand ramp near Myrtle Drive (from ocean side)
Myrtle Drive is not in the current construction area and this is what the dredge pipe looks like along a majority of the beach strand.

Beach south of Myrtle Drive.
Myrtle Drive is not in the current construction area. This is what the dredge pipe looks like along a majority of the beach strand.

Sand ramp near Second Avenue beach access.  Second Avenue (off Topsail Road) is near the newly constructed beach area.  This is what the pipeline in this area looks like.

Another view of the sand ramp near the Second Avenue beach access.

Phase 5 Beach Restoration Project Successfully Restores

South End of North Topsail Beach

What to Expect After Construction

UPDATED 6/12/2015 - Here is a document that was sent out via the Town's Connect CTY system (6/12 @ 6:30 p.m.) to property owners on "What to Expect After Construction".   This document includes information on what to expect as far as the equilibration of the shoreline.  It also gives information on the importance of installing sea oats and sand fencing on the new portion of the dunes.

Please read this important information and consider participating in the Town's Sea Oat Cost Share Program.

Something that was not included in the document, because the Town is still working on the permits and plan, is the possible need to continue rock removal efforts on the slope of the shoreline (wet sand beach).   This is expected to take place only as needed and would likely occur after a storm event has passed through and has exposed a large amount of rocks.  If this type of work is expected to occur property owners will be notified via Connect CTY

Here also is some more information on How Beach Nourishment Works.

Construction Observation Reports

and Public Information Meeting Agendas

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Demobilization Reports #187-191  Here





 Contract Document

Appendices I - XI

(FULL 38 MB - See also below)




Addendum #1 - Released May 16, 2014

Addendum #2 - Released May 23, 2014

Addendum #3 - Released June 12, 2014

Addendum #4 - Released June 22, 2014
Attachment 1

Attachment 2

Attachment 3

Attachment 4

Attachment 5

Addendum # 5 - Released June 23, 2014



Appendix I Offshore Borrow Area 2005-2006 CPE-NC Vibracore Basemap
Appendix II Offshore Borrow Area 2005 CPE-NC Vibracore Logs
Appendix III Offshore Borrow Area 2005 CPE-NC Vibracore Granularmetric Reports
Appendix IV Offshore Borrow Area 2005 Vibracore Grain Size Distribution Curves/Histograms
Appendix V Offshore Borrow Area 2005 CPE-NC Vibracore Photographs
Appendix VI Offshore Borrow Area 2006 CPE-NC Vibracore Logs
Appendix VIIOffshore Borrow Area 2006 CPE-NC Vibracore Granularmetric Reports
Appendix VIIIOffshore Borrow Area 2006 CPE-NC Vibracore Grain Size Distribution Curves/Histograms
Appendix IXOffshore Borrow Area 2006 CPE-NC Vibracore Photographs
Appendix XUS Army Corps of Engineers Permit & CAMA Permit 
Appendix XIContract Forms 




A pre-bid conference was held at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 8th at North Topsail Beach Town Hall Meeting Room (2008 Loggerhead Court, N Topsail Beach, NC  28460). 

List of Attendees

Pre-Bid Conference Summary