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Town of North Topsail Beach

North Carolina
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North End Sand Bag Revetment Project

5/13/2016 - LATEST NEWS-  The Town has been given permission from CAMA to build a crossover at Oyster Lane.  Construction will begin ASAP. - CONSTRUCTION IS COMPLETE

The Town has been working since August 2014 on solutions to alleviate the severe erosion that has occurred on the north end of Topsail Island, in the inlet hazard area, which has affected 20 duplex structures at the very north end of the island.  The Town first sought a contract to haul sand into the area, but the erosion worsened to the point that it would likely wash away, so the Town opted to pursue the permits for a geotextile tube to be placed in front of the properties.   While pursuing the permit for the geotextile tube, the Town realized that the erosion had worsened to the point that a geotextile tube would no longer be feasible, so the Town opted to pursue a permit and variance for a sand bag revetment, similar to the one that currently exists in front of the Topsail Reef condominium complex.  While pursuing the variance (the Town needs to construct a higher sand bag revetment than what is currently allowed by CAMA), the Town Board decided to fund the project through a special assessment.  A public hearing was held and a special assessment resolution was adopted and the 39 properties that will benefit from the sand bag revetment will pay for 50% of the project and the Town will pay for the other 50% (the property owners will have 5 years to pay at 3.5% interest per year).  The Town was granted a variance on November 26th and received its permit from the Army Corps of Engineers on December 2nd.  The project was put out for bid and the bids were well above the $1.5 to $2.3 million estimated cost.  The Board chose the lowest responsive bidder and has negotiated a not-to-exceed $2.6 million contract with Carolina Marine Structures.  The project officially kicked off on December 10, 2014 and is expected to be completed around January 22, 2015, weather permitting, with no equipment down time.  

The area impacted by the severe erosion is in the inlet hazard area and is part of the approximately 1.5 mile long New River Inlet Channel Realignment Project (Phase One).  The goal of Phase One was to 1) Realign the New River Inlet Channel to alleviate the severe erosion on the very north end of the island because of the existing location of the channel and to naturally form shoaling to protect the erosion prone area (which could take 2-6 years).  2) Restore approximately 1.5 miles of shoreline by placing the sand from the inlet on the shoreline.  

Most of the beach south of the inlet area which was restored by the Phase One project is stable and gives the Town the confidence that the rest of the Town's shoreline protection plans to restore the remainder of the beach will not result in the same loss that has been experienced in the inlet area (Phase 5 is starting soon). 

In the meantime, the Board of Aldermen have asked the Town's coastal engineers to assess future long term shoreline protection actions and to provide a contingency plan for consideration by the Town.  Some of the items the firm will assess are:

  • Placement of beach quality material from navigation maintenance,
  • Re-directing the bar channel during navigation dredging to induce by-passing,
  • Modifications for the second channel realignment event (2016/2017),
  • Incorporation of a terminal groin structure into the Town's Beach and Inlet Management Plan.  (click here for a Fact Sheet on Terminal Groins at NTB)
The assessment is expected to be received by the Town in February 2015.

Crossovers/Beach Accesses After the Project 
(UPDATED 1/29/15)

Conditions in the inlet area are unpredictable and the Town has been focused on getting the sand bags in to protect the properties.  The sand bag project is projected to be finished by March 24th.   The CAMA field representative has asked the Town to approach the issue of crossovers and accesses after the sand bags are installed as there are too many variables related to the future site conditions.  As the completion date approaches the Town will contact the field representative to see if the Town and/or private property owners can apply for permits to construct crossovers. 

Installation of the Sand Bag Revetment Completed  (UPDATED 2/3/15)

Carolina Marine Structures (CMS) completed the installation of the sand bag revetment on 2/2/15 around 5 p.m.  Below are a few photos of the before and after of the closing of the gap. 

The project will not be completely finished until back fill behind the bags is in place.

Information for Rental Agencies and Property Owners (UPDATED 2/18/2015)

The Town has distributed this letter to inform rental agencies and property owners who rent homes in the area of the sand bag revetment about the condition of the beach and status of beach access in preparation of the upcoming rental season.

An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 2015-2 Regulating Activities Near Sand Bag Revetments and Geotextile Tubes (March 5, 2015)
It shall be unlawful for any person to walk, run, swim, surf, or boat within 10 feet of any sandbag revetments, including any geotextile tubes located within or adjacent to the Town of North Topsail Beach.  It shall be unlawful for any member of the public to walk on private property located landward of any sandbag revetments constructed by or at the behest of the Town of North Topsail beach.  All violators will be assessed a $100 fine per occurrence.  This section shall not apply to any authorized, marked crossover or designated beach access or any property owners adjacent to the sandbag revetment and/or their lawful guests.


Terminal Groin Fact Sheet  (updated)

Media Release of 8/15/2014

Media Release of 11/24/2014

Terminal Groin Presentations:

CP&E Presentation
Maccaferri Presentation
Cleary Presentation

Letter from Dr. Duncan Heron & Article Regarding Terminal Groin at Oregon Inlet

CP&E presentation from 12/4/2014

CP&E presentation from 1/7/2015 with detailed notes

Phase One Contingency Plan 3/2/2015

More Terminal Groin Information

NTB has Special Meetings to Hear Information About a Terminal Groin at New River Inlet
(from 2011)

In response to the N.C. General Assembly passing legislation to allow four terminal groins in N.C. inlets the Town Board asked Chris Gibson from the coastal engineering firm Gahagan and Bryant to make a presentation about the installation of a terminal groin at New River Inlet.  Below is a link to Mr. Gibson's PowerPoint presentation.  The Town Manager and Staff were directed to ask other engineering firms to present information about a terminal groin to the Board of Aldermen and to begin compiling a list of threatened structures within the Town.


Tim Kana of Coastal Science and Engineering agreed to come speak to the Board of Aldermen on Tuesday, September 13th.  A link to his presentation is below. Ken Willson from Coastal Planning and Engineering made a presentation to the Board on Tuesday, September 20th. Mike Giles and Tracy Skrabal from NC Coastal Federation also presented to the Board on September 20th.  Links to those presentations are below.  Dr. Robert Young and Andy Coburn from Western Carolina University also spoke to the NTB Board of Aldermen at their October 6, 2011 meeting.  Links to their presentations are below.

Gahagan & Bryant PowerPoint Presentation

Coastal Science & Engineering PowerPoint Presentation

Coastal Planning & Engineering PowerPoint Presentation

Coastal Federation PowerPoint Presentation

Dr. Robert Young (Western Carolina University) Presentation