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The Finance department handles the day to day accounting issues related to the operation of the Town government.

Contact:   Betsy Brothers - Finance Officer 
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Request for Qualifications for Professional Engineering Services

Town of North Topsail Beach Phase Five FEMA Storm Damage Repair Project

Issued:  May 30, 2017

Submittal Deadline: 1PM, June 7, 2017     1PM June 6, 2017 (see Addendum #1 above)


Note:  Due to the abbreviated submission period, only a succinct response (5-10 pages) is requested. Please do not exceed 10 pages, not including appendices.


1.    Background:

North Topsail Beach experienced Hurricane Matthew during October 2016, which impacted the 11.1 mile oceanfront shoreline of the Town of North Topsail Beach. The storm surge, heavy surf, and elevated water levels created by the slow-moving storm impacted the FEMA-engineered Phase 5 beach (3.25 miles of beach constructed in June 2015), resulting in loss of 156,000 CY of sand from the project area.


Phase 5 is a FEMA constructed engineered beach, making it eligible for federal assistance under Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Category G funding to repair the beach. A survey of the project area was conducted in December 2016 to compare with the April 2016 monitoring survey of the beach restoration project (see post damage report attached). The surveys were used to determine the volume loss on the beach as a result of the storm and were submitted to FEMA data to develop the Project Worksheet (PW). FEMA authorization exists up to $7,027,997 pending final project sand source selection.


2.    Statement of Purpose: The Town’s intention is to hire a qualified coastal engineering firm to design, permit and construct a beach restoration project for the estimated lost volume of sand totaling 156,727 cubic yards (see the post storm damage assessment report and FEMA exit briefing attached detailing the lost volumetric sand by station and provide the estimated cost of repair).  If selected, your firm will be asked to assist the Town with determining the best option (least costly and most efficient) method of sand replacement. Additionally, there may be an opportunity for a separate local project.


Note that after preliminary discussions with FEMA, a consulting engineer has identified two feasible alternatives to restore the beach:


1)    An offshore borrow site as one source of sand that could be excavated using a hopper dredge and pumped onto the beach to construct the repair project


2)    Three (3) off-island sand mines that can provide sufficient volumes of sand for the project within the original cost estimate, to be trucked to the site for sand deposition

FULL RFQ to include Scope of Work, Information Requested & Selection Criteria, etc. can be downloaded here.



Request for Proposals—Implementation of Driving Pass for Beach Permissible Driving Area


Background: The Town of North Topsail Beach prohibits beach driving in all beach areas except a permissible driving area located at the north end of Town, where driving is allowed in an area adjacent to the New River, for four-wheel drive vehicles only.  This area is located at County Beach Access #3 (see locational map attached).  Currently, the area attracts a large volume of traffic. The Town is considering charging these vehicles a per diem and annual rate. The location includes a Town-owned parking lot at which a pay station and/or attendant could be located. The area is accessed by a single-access road.


The goals of the program are three-fold:

  1. Regulate the flow of traffic to the site to mitigate traffic congestion

  2. Raise revenue for the additional resources required to manage the site

  3. Raise revenues for Shoreline Protection (Beach) projects throughout Town


Information Request:


The Town is requesting assistance to set up a system to implement the fee. This includes:

  1. on-site pay stations and an attendant with other pay stations located strategically to reduce on site traffic backup

  2. online advance prepayment including latest technology to allow pre-payment and mitigate on-site traffic payment.

  3. other options to achieve the goals listed above.


It is expected that the successful contractor will have made a site visit to the area and throughout Town for potential pay station sites.


We are seeking two proposals:

  1. A one-time set up of the system as a turn-key operation, start up to implementation, with basic training of staff.

  2. Turn key set up of the system to include monitoring throughout the year one tourist season (April-October), to start, with possible extension if successful.


In both describe what you will do to meet the project goals described above, at what cost, in a succinct 1-2 page format.


Criteria for Selection:

  1. Offer alternate forms of payment to on-site payment with advance pay options

  2. Experience with similar projects

  3. Ability to implement quickly, before Fourth of July weekend

  4. Satisfactory references

  5. Knowledge of Town and what would work here, based on site visit and research

  6. Costs and Fees


Proposals will be accepted until selection is made.  The town reserves the right to reject any proposal. Please contact Town Manager Stuart Turille for site visit or additional questions:; 910-328-1349.

AWARDED TO:  Crowder Gulf Disaster Recovery & Debris Management

           REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS - Disaster Debris Clearance and Removal Services                  DOWNLOAD RFP HERE



AWARDED TO:  Tetra Tech, Inc.


REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS - Debris Monitoring Services    

                                                         DOWNLOAD RFP HERE

                                              Addendum 1 ISSUED 4/17/2017 at 2:30 PM (click link)