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Town of North Topsail Beach

North Carolina
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Dune Push 2017

Project Description

The North Topsail Beach Board of Aldermen authorized Town Staff to select a contractor to do a dune push in areas that sustained 25-100% dune damage from Hurricane Matthew.   The sections of shoreline that are eligible for a dune push are listed below along with a map of the sections.

The contractor will push beach sand from mean low tide using dozer equipment going a maximum of one foot deep up to the berm line in an effort to reconstruct the damaged dune back to pre-storm conditions.   This work will begin as soon as February and must be completed by March 31, 2017 per the Town's CAMA permit.   The contractor can only work during the few hours when the tide is low and may have to perform the work at night in order to complete this work on time.  Weather may also be a factor that can delay progress on this project.  The contractor will only get paid for work completed by the deadline.  Please remove any sand fencing from your property.

Oceanfront property owners who are eligible for a dune push must have a signed easement on file at the Register of Deeds (please turn it into the Town and staff will take it there and pay the fee).  

As of 1/12/17 the following properties within the project area do not have easements (or right of entry):

4360 Island Drive      538 New River Inlet Road                             706 New River Inlet Road                          Parcel 054310 New River Inlet Road             1138 New River Inlet Road

4420 Island Drive      Parcel 054110 New River Inlet Road              Parcel 054302 New River Inlet Road          320 Goldsboro Lane                                    Parcel 052519 New River Inlet Road

4432 Island Drive      Parcel 054109 New River Inlet Road             764 New River Inlet Road                          339 Goldsboro Lane                                    38 Porpoise Place

4462 Island Drive      694 New River Inlet Road                             Parcel 054309 New River Inlet Road          Parcel 026735 New River Inlet Road             39 Porpoise Place

602 Hampton Colony

Blank Easement

Updates will be posted here and on the Town's Facebook page.

UPDATE #1 (1/12/17) - ES&J Enterprises was selected to do this project (they did it last year).  They plan on starting work on Saturday, January 14th.  They have the capability of working at night and may do so in order to meet the deadline.  They are likely to begin on the south end of the project (near 3632 Island Drive) and work north.  

PROPERTY OWNERS:  Please make sure that you remove any sand fencing.  The contractor will work around crossovers and sand fencing.  The Town and/or contractor will not remove sand fencing.  If you have significant dune loss, you may want to consider the following: 1) Removing your crossover so that a uniform dune can be pushed along the shoreline. 2) Adding vegetation and sand fencing to build the dune back up 3) Using post an rope in absence of a crossover to keep foot traffic to one area. 

UPDATE #2 (1/19/17) - ES&J has completed approximately 3,400 feet as of this morning and are located near 3400 Island Drive headed toward the St. Moritz.

UPDATE #3 (1/26/17) - As of 1/25/2017 a.m. ES&J was near 4366 Island Drive headed north and almost through Ocean Ridge Subdivision.

UPDATE #4 (1/31/17) - ES&J is near 612 Hampton Colony.  Some equipment broke down and is need of repair.  They may not be working for a few days.   They have completed approximately 11,264 lf. out of 29,031 lf. or almost 39% of the project.

UPDATE #5 (2/2/2017) - ES&J's equipment is back up and running, they pushed the morning tide starting at 3 AM.

UPDATE #6 (2/9/2017) - ES&J is headed north and as of yesterday was close to 650 New River Inlet Road (between Onslow County Beach Access 4 and the Villa Capriani).

UPDATE #7 (2/14/2017) - ES&J is past the Villa Capriani and near Beach Access #37 (800 Villas Drive) as of 2/13.         

UPDATE #8 (2/20/2017) - ES&J is near 1238 New River Inlet Road as of today.  They are expecting to complete the project this Wednesday 2/22/17.       

UPDATE #9 (2/22/2017) - ES&J completed the project.

Properties Outside of Project Area - Properties outside of the project area can push under the Town's permit but must hire and pay for a contractor to do this work.  The project area was determined using the post-storm survey data that was submitted to FEMA after Hurricane Matthew.  If you are interested in doing your own dune push, please contact Terrie Woodle, Permit Specialist before you start work (910-328-1349 ext. 23 or  All work performed under the Town's permit must be reported to the Town and then to CAMA.

Properties in the Phase 5 Restoration Area (Surf City line north to 3632 Island Drive:  The Town has applied for FEMA assistance to restore this portion of the Town's non-CBRA engineered shoreline.  All documentation requested has been provided to FEMA and the Town is waiting to hear if assistance will be provided.

Maps & List of Sections in the Project Area

List of areas that are included in this project (only properties with a SIGNED EASEMENT will get pushed):





2072 New River Inlet Road to
Crossover South of
40 Porpoise Place
Approx. 1,041 LF




70 feet north of 1304 New River Inlet Road to
3632 Island Drive
Approx. 27,990 LF