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Town of North Topsail Beach

North Carolina
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Know Your Flood Hazard
Insure Your Property
Protect People
Protect Your Property
Build Responsibly
Protect the Floodplain
General Preparedness
Hurricane Preparedness
Avoid Hurricane Damage
Drainage System Maintenan
Flood Map 90 Day Appeal P
Avoid Hurricane Damage

  • Install and maintain storm shutters. 
  • Install a generator for emergencies. 
  • Anchor or remove potential windborne objects.
  • Make a checklist

 North Topsail Island, N.C., September 6, 1996 -- An Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Team inspects damaged and destroyed homes for reportedly missing people in the aftermath of Hurricane Fran. Photo by Dave Gatley/ FEMA News Photo - Location: North Topsail Island, NC